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Geest, Hersenen, Mentaliteit, Perceptie, Intelligentie

Many of my (Facebook) friends know how to connect my name to war, history and something with Peace Education in one way or another. The link with Freethinking is also not unknown to many, but what that may be exactly often depends on one’s own political or religious conviction.

Not so interesting for the masses. One fills in broader-thinking for this, another plants me in the left-wing (radical) corner according to their own thinking frame and program, while another thinks I should fit into an opposite box. I still write something every now and then, but not nearly as much as in the past.

Decades of investigative journalism mean I don’t take anything for absolute truth. For me truth is an existent concept but not unique and only and together with the lie it forms an inseparable reality.

Truth.. which one do you want? There are billions of truths and they are all equally true and different from each other and none are exactly alike. You could almost say that there is a unique individual truth, purely personal and it is the same with the lie, just as many lies as there are people.

Billions of lies and variations thereof, along with all those equally innumerable truths, make up the reality in which we live. A reality that surrounds us like a kind of rainbow in which no color, no truth, no lie is absolute.

There is not a color, there is not a lie, there is not a truth that is absolute and it is therefore in everyone’s interest to have a good view and to be able to get a good view of all the colors of the rainbow, to have as much (un)truth as possible because you are being lied to in front of you.

Lies and deceit always and eternally produce death and misery resulting in economic, military and political wars. That is why it is absolutely vital. Knowledge and knowing is insight and equals power. Whoever wants to look into the future must have knowledge of the past, and NOT only of the politically desired past, colored by some truths that have been declared absolute and only, because that is where humanity has been going wrong for centuries, in which it becomes expertly misled.

Our knowledge, our knowing, is formed after and after, we read-after and hear afterwards the explanatory truth of the what and wretched why, but never by the slain but by the victors. Not the absolute truth, but the victorious murderous brutality. The deadly web of deception and deceit that has been deployed as an invisible weapon in the background for centuries is so simple, so simple to do its job, is actually too sad for words.

Explaining in a few words is quite difficult for the fully-learned person because it does not fit into the thinking pattern with which people are loaded. As long as man thinks that she thinks SELF, they only thinking-after, re-thinking what is formed in the known pattern of thinking, all other forms of information that do not fit in it will not land.

It may well be compared to an aberrant script from ancient and past civilizations and times that is now unrecognized and illegible. No matter how often the signs are read or viewed, the knowledge and wisdom stored therein is not compatible. Take a software program, a program written to let the computer calculate, that is also what it can and will do well, but to compose a symphony with the help of that same program will turn out badly, failing input, the data does not match at all.

What is seen as incomprehensible and illogical according to the program can be recognized, for example the word whoremaid is a contradictory term, a ‘Contradictio in Terminis’.

A non-lying and absolutely and only truth-speaking politician is that ditto, in the service of mammon, lying is their main subject, but… still the crowds of people believe these impostors at their impure word. Professional liars who preach peace but head for death.

Whoever believes in them is deceiving himself, whoever trusts these charlatans will not live forever, will not inherit world peace, will not save the earth from warming or destruction, nor will it be protected and saved from a virus. There is an unknown knowledge crash, a short-circuited input, fatal error.. Invalidata